Our Company Overview


Since 1978, our company has been active in the kitchenware industry, the best in the market by strengthening its position in the sector had given many years of experience and safely accomplished, and has managed to become one of the most reputed leading company. More recently, the developed Turkey's internal and external changes in trade and production in parallel with the development and product range, top quality and manufactured to the international standard products in accordance with the conditions of the day you are going with all his strength to provide our valued customers.

Housewares industry infrastructure and renewing every moment of our products company, its emphasis on customer health and satisfaction for many years has been a preferred brand by customers. the products we produce; It manufactured to the highest quality using the finest raw materials. These products are mainly non-flammable non-stick coated inner pot, pans, teapots, trays, frying pans, textured outer surface is composed of painted cookware and hotel equipment.

Many European countries, including our first domestic product, the Arab countries, we are exporting to about 30 countries, including Britain and America and we are proud in it.





Being a brand always preferred in the industry and continue to offer the best quality products to our customers. Our vision in it;

    To keep customer satisfaction above all
    Give value to our customers, respecting the ideas
    Our responsibility to know
    Only we can promise our customers
    Being in relationship with our customers and always support them in any case
    I would never and have never been to the quality and integrity compromise.
    That's why 'DECEIVED EVERY CUSTOMER IS LOST FORTUNES!' And we have adopted the said application.



Our responsibility, without compromising the quality and integrity of our finest to ensure the satisfaction of our customers in an environment of trust and to provide top quality.

    For us quality; The most important element is to raise the efficiency and competitiveness. Therefore, living and evolving, creating a quality spirit of self-renewing customers to increase with modern and high quality products we produce the perfect satisfaction, customers provide satisfaction and to perpetuate the place of protection that we acquired in the sector, will continue to be a sought-after brand and an honest company, with around our developments to produce new products, our customers' requests and to respond optimally to the needs, customer satisfaction and is in addition to our always customer sales and service for the continuity of our duty knew we feel the happiness and pride in working with you in this direction.